Printing makes you grow

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Does printing makes you better ?


Today, we are going to talk about printing. I had briefly mentioned the interest of printing your photos. After a while, I can say that it makes me better, just that…

Well, it is not magic and I hope I am not getting a big head. But there are several reasons why I think that. They can be my own or apply to everyone.

In this consumer society, everything goes very fast and the desire to develop quickly is present. We can see it in pressure a sell presets pack : you want photos that works in instagram with many likes, so take my super pack…

On darktable, it is the styles. I propose it in download but it is free like darktable. Moreover, I use them as a starting base. I have to make corrections in the image. If there is a capacity to have in photography, it is patience. Indeed, the shooting and development requires to spend a certain time. It is possible to define time according to the destination of the image. I will spend less time for an image going on the net. For a print, every detail counts. With time, the picture will be better. Printing has a cost and if the photo is not successful, it will be difficult to accept this fact.

The attention can be focused on the framing. Despite the attention during the development, I have badly framed or badly developed and so much : problems of masks, exposition, eye catching elements, etc…

I still have these and other cases. In spite of care during the development (zoom, attention…), it is certain that details will slip tough but the printed image will not miss me. That’s why I print easily in standard format. I can then annotate them and adjust my next developments.

With printing, it allows me to grow in photography : on shooting (practice) and development (techniques and workflow).

Tips of printing

Everyone talks about the great camera to have but it is necessary to talk about t development and the equipment to have. A laptop is not the best tool : low qquality screen and a non scalable machine.

In first, you have to develop on a good screen that renders colors correctly. If the screen renders the colors not correctly, the printing will be false. If one has a very good camera and a bad screen, the printing will be not correctly. With a bad screen, the printing will be false wheter the camera is an entry-level or a high-end camera…

The brightness of the screen is alos to be taken into account. Paper is a medium that lights up much less than the screen. It is necessary to lower the luminosity. Of base, it is too strong.

In french langage, you have a site which tests some screens (Link). I don’t know a source in english.

For export, the sRGB color space is sufficient in most cases.

As for printing, you have to check an aspect. Many of sites include an embellishment of the photos. They add contrast, chroma. I don’t like this. I develop them, I don’t want any additional effects ; I control the process.

As for the machine, that could be the subject of another post if you are interested. But you have to know how to combine power and compatibility with GNU/Linux. In summary, going to nvidia for graphic card is a good solution. But AMD is catching up its delay.

I hope these few hints will help.

Have a good week

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