Update of my styles

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It is better in rgb


with the new version of darktable in 3.6 and the new module color balance rgb, my styles are not up-to-date. I have to do update with this new module what is THE creative module.

It gives several advantages : the gammut is better and more respected than the historical module. The job is good in particular for golden hour. The color balance gaves psychadelic colors.

To have more informations about this module, you can view the videos of Aurélien Pierre on youtube and in english : link to the channel.

I update my styles but not only. I remove local contrast from my styles. I noticed that this module change the gammut and more. So i remove it with the contrast equalizer.

I writed a notice on this git.

And i offer you all styles I use. I think they use the rgb workflow. But no one is perfect. It’s my vision but they are more current than the style on darktable style site. I will create another style.

The link is in the top of this site : darktable ressources.


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