Sensor size of camera

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And if the size of sensor matters ?

Choosing a new camera is difficult. There is lots of models. I am happy with my camera but in future, I will change. The main question is : How pixels do I take ?

What criteria

Impression size

If pixels are numerous, the size of impression is bigger.


If higher pixels, it is possible to crop the image without deterioration.


It is the opposite. The rise of ISO will make appear noise if higher pixels.

But, why is there camera with higher pixels ? A camera with 24 mpx is enough for most people.

And if ?

The previous informations are present on the mainly sites. However, there is an other source but in French Mégapixels : arnaque ou ….

This post explain that higher number of pixels is better. Having many pixels allow to algorithms a better treatment and reducing noise if present.

It is the contrary than we read anywhere.

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